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Learn about in-memory caching in Golang, it's benefits and how to implement it with and without generics with a TTL(expiry).

Protect your code from security breaches by using BFG tool to remove sensitive information from Git history. Learn how to do it in this comprehensive guide.

Improve collaboration and code reviews with pull request templates. Blog include PR template and how to create one on github/gitlab

Explore the importance of naming conventions in Go and learn best practices for writing clear and concise code. Discover insightful quotes and practical examples to enhance readability and collaboration in your Go projects.

One on One meetings are important for your personal & professional growth. Learn how to master 1:1s with your manager and peers.

Learn about generics in Golang, it's benefits and how to implement it in applications.

Learn about dependency injection, its benefits and how to implement it in Go services using wire

My notes/highlights from Lean B2B book by Étienne Garbugli. This book covers areas around building business in enterprise space - how to assess markets, build MVP, hiring the right team and selling your product. The author also explains major challenges faced by B2B entrepreneurs.

Rule Engines help in solving changing business requirements with ease. Learn all about Rule engines, it's working, benefits and how to implement one in Golang

Learn about WaitGroups in golang and how to use them to perform concurrent operations without blocking the main thread.

Learn why it's important to say 'NO'. How it helps in increasing productivity and explore strategies for saying No

Branching is a new path of development that makes it a lot easier to build features. Learn why and how to use branching in git.

Learn about middlewares, their use cases and how to implement them in Golang applications

CDN is one of the backbone of modern world internet infrastructure. Learn about Content Delivery Network, it's working, types and benefits.

It's a wrap! 2021 was a mixed bag, full of ups and downs. Key Goal for 2022: Start now!

Best Books to help you build you software engineering career - ranging from fundamentats, interview prep to productivity.

Enums are a way to defined set of constant values. Learn how to implement enums in Go using iota with examples.

JSON Web Tokens are a very compact way to carry information. Learn about JWTs in depth, from its structure to when to use it.

Learn about reverse proxy, how it is different from forward proxy and explore advantages of using it in system design.

My notes/highlights from Anything you want book by Derek Sivers

Learn the concept and misconceptions around popular CAP theorem in system design.

Introduction to improving code quality using linting. Learn how to add linting in your Go projects.

Notes from Johns Hopkins poker course. This guide will help you improve in Poker and win some large pots.

Complete guide on load balancers explaining the internal working and how does it help in making applications efficient.

Learn about defer keyword in golang and how it can help you avoid panics due to bugs.

My notes/highlights from Rework book.

Understand the basics of concurrency and learn how to work with Goroutines in golang.

Learn how to upload files from your client to server as a multipart request in Golang.

My notes/highlights from Let's Talk Money book

Learn how to store JSON objects in Postgres and how to implement it in Golang.

Learn how to build a social media sharing component in HTML and add it to your website.

List of what I use in my day to day life ranging from terminal, editors, softwares, devices to accessories

In this tutorial I cover how to upload, fetch and manage other operations for objects on AWS S3 in Golang

My notes/highlights from How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital by Nathan Latka

It's a wrap! 2020 was a crazy year, See how my year went!

Learn basics about Public Provident Fund and why you should invest

Learn how to design efficient application with hexagonal architecture with practical example

Everything you need to know before you buy a term insurance.

Constraints are line of defense for database. Explore various types of constrainsts in postgres

My notes/highlights from Getting Real book

Learn to focus and get productive by following the Pomodoro Technique

My notes/highlights from Almanack of Naval Ravikant book by Eric Jorgenson

Learn how to use time in Golang - Multiple formats, locations and using date.

Unlearning things to learn new is the way to grow. Discover how to do that!

Start your OSS journey with intro to GIT. Participate in Hacktoberfest!

My notes/highlights from Hell Yeah or No book by Derek Sivers

Learn how to implement stack data structure in Golang (Full code)

Complete guide to learning maps in Golang

Learn how to use logrotate system utility to manage logs with example

Learn how to handle terminal outputs with Redirection and saving it to files

Learn what are environment variables and how to use them in Go

Learn what various HTTP response status codes

Best practices for code review

Code better with these Engineering Principless

Dark mode is ❤️️ Add it to your websites with little CSS and JS

Why one should set personal OKRs and how to achieve success with them

Decisions are hard! Learn how to make the right decisions always

What, Why, When and How's about Git Tags

How I build one stop solution for acronyms

My notes/highlights from Think and Grow Rich

My notes/highlights from Refactoring UI book

How to use Redis with Golang

My notes/highlights from Obviously Awesome book

Utitizing chrome extensions to boost your productivity!

Why, what and how to read!

Marshal golang structs the right way

Handling DB operations in postgres with golang

How to handle errors in golang to make your life easy

How to run background task periodically in Golang