What I Use: Products and Softwares

22 Jan 2021
What I Use: Products and Softwares

This page lists what I use in my day to day life ranging from terminal, editors, softwares to products. I’ll keep updating this list in future if I upgrade. Hope this helps you choose right products and tools to improve your productivity. This is inspired by uses.tech

If you feel something is missing, DM me on Twitter. I’ll respond to you and add it here if more than 3 prople ask for same stuff.


  • Macbook Pro - Work

    • 16GB RAM
    • 512GB Storage
    • 2.6GHz Intel Core i7
    • macOS Mojave
    • Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536MB
    • Space Grey
    • Absolutely amazing. But, recent M1 macbooks are better. Go for them instead.
  • Dell Inspiron 5558 - Personal

    • 8GB Ram
    • 1TB HDD - Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz × 4
    • Dual boot: Ubuntu + Windows
    • GeForce 920M
    • This is my first laptop (bought in college). Powers all my side project and blog. Will be updating to new Macbook M1 soon. Waiting for a 16’’ variant.
  • Reddragon K551 Mechanical Keyboard - RGB

    • Decent mid budget keyboard. Logitech G213 is also good if you want a wrist support.
    • RGB backlit - Blue Switches
  • Dragonwar Thor with Macro Buttons - Have been using this for a while now. Macro keys are useful. Good budget buy!

  • Mobile - One Plus 7 - Serves all my phone requirements

    • Decent Camera
    • Amazing Performance (Pubg, etc runs smoothly) - One of the best options for premium android phones.
    • 128GB storage
  • Amazfit GTS Smartwatch - Love the look and lot of watch faces available.

    • Comfortable - I wear it all the time
    • Waterproof
    • App support is good
    • Accurate tracking
  • One plus Buds - Works like magic with one plus - Matches features of Airpod. Quality is also good. - Decent battery life.

  • Kindle paperwhite 10th Gen - If you are an avid reader, just buy this.

    • Taking notes is an ease.
    • Dark mode. Reading experience 💚
    • Adjustable font, size and brightness.


Development Tools

  • VS Code is my goto editor for majority of my programming work. I use Monokai theme and a lot of extensions. Most are mentioned here.
  • iTerm2 with oh my zsh and Powerline10k theme.
  • Sublime Text for normal text editing (apart from programming)
  • Firefox(personal) and Chrome (work) are my browsers. I use a couple of extensions. Check the blog here.
  • Netlify and Vercel for static site hosting and deployement needs.
  • Heroku for side projects which use backend.
  • AWS S3 for storage needs. Wrote a blog about it here.
  • Typora for notes (work)
  • Postman for everything related to API testing. Highly recommended.
  • Postico for Mac. pgAdmin for Linux. Postgres clients.
  • Figma and Miro for designing.


  • Tick Tick - Todo list, habit tracker, pomodoro app. All in one. Love it!
  • Notion - Notes, Wiki and everything.
  • Slack for work and other communities
  • Signal/Whatsapp for messaging
  • Twitter - favourite social media
  • Youtube Music now for music needs. Earlier was using Resso and even before that Spotify
  • Google Podcasts for podcasts
  • Canva for creating social media and blog images
  • Zoom and Google meet for video calls
  • Gmail - primary email client
  • Goodreads for searching books and managing reading list. Integrates with Kindle

Personal Finance and Investing

Note: Some of the products above have affiliate links and I earn a small amount if you buy using these. I’m not associated with any products mentioned here.

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